How long have you been trading?
Since 1994

Are you Fairtrade?
We have a full range of Fairtrade and triple certificated coffees and non-certified but all our coffee is selected from known suppliers who have a good record in ethical practices. We do specialise in locally roasted products. 

Are your coffees Arabica?
All our coffees are selected from the finest Arabica beans.

Do you have a delivery service?
We run our own vans and we also offer a free telesales service so you do not even have to worry about remembering to order. Anything outside of our immediate area we use our delivery partners.

Do you maintain machines?
We have our own engineering department which specialises in a vast range of beverage machines

Are you easy to contact?
We have 24 hour answer service and emergency mobile numbers always available.

Do you cover out of hours callouts?
We have 24 hour answer service and emergency mobile numbers always available. We do not guarantee we can cover 7 days 24hours a day but we do try to fulfil calls as they occur.

Which machine would suit us best?
This is a question that has so many options. We are specialist within the beverage market, and would be only to pleased to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Do you conduct Barista training?
We offer use of our own training facilities we can also do on site training. Training for Coffeeman Devon Ltd customers is available free of charge at any mutually acceptable time. 

What is the range of ancillary products you supply?
We have a full range of ancillary products available and if we do not stock it there is a good chance we can get it.

What finance is available on your machines?
Allsorts we are specialists in the beverage market and licensed for consumer credit therefore we can put together packages to suit all needs.

Are you a coffee company or a machine company?
We are a coffee company which has adapted to the market place. Therefore specialists in machines and engineering. 

Which machine do we need?
Depends on outlet, Do you want the full range of coffees or just black and white?
If you want just black or white the pour over system is ideal. If you want cappuccino etc, then you have to decide on push button instant or fresh beans.

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